Update on queer issues in poland

We were asked about the debate on LGBTQ issues here in poland and whever we think it is likely we’ll see a legislation change. Here’s our answer.


So, it’s not that simple to answer your question. The project was accepted in the first reading and is now gonna go to the administration and internal matters committee. We tend to call it “the freezer” because most of the projects that go there are never touched again.

But still – even with what I just said in mind – we really cannot be sure of anything. Our government has taught us that we can expect anything.

To rate the debate itself – it was horrible lies, insults, and comparing lgbtq to nsdap.

Probably the dumbest and weirdest thing that happened was when a right wing politician showed a picture of people with combat clothing holding rainbow coloured sex toys. He said that the picture showed lgbt activists protesting against COVID restrictions. In reality those “lgbt activists” were trump supporters holding automatic rifles. Someone just photoshopped those sex toys.

To sum up, we really cannot be sure what’s gonna happen but looking at the history of other projects that were put into “the freezer” I don’t really think we will see a legislation change.