Jin, Jîyan, Azadî – Protest against attacks on kurdistan

(see in polish here)

Tue, November 29, 6pm
Warsaw, turkish embassy, 19 Rakowiecka Street

On 16 September this year, Kurdish woman Jina Amini was brutally murdered by Iranian morality police at a Tehran police station. Jina’s death led to the outbreak of violent protests in Eastern Kurdistan and across Iran against state violence and discrimination against women. In response, the Islamic Republic launched a full-scale military and police operation during which regime forces fired live ammunition at protesters in cities such as Mahabad, Piranshar, Sine, Saqiz and Meriwan. Human rights organisations and local activists report that many people have been killed or injured as a result of the regime’s activity. There is also widespread sexual violence. Several thousand detainees are threatened with the death penalty for participating in protests.

At the same time, the progressive invasion of Rojava continues. For many months, Turkish troops have been regularly killing with drones, artillery and aircraft not only Kurdish militants but also civilians (including children). In recent days, the campaign of terror carried out with bombs and missiles has gained momentum leading to further casualties, destruction of infrastructure and environmental degradation. Given the intensity of the attacks and Erdogan’s announcements, there is a well-founded fear that in the near future Turkey will decide to launch a ground invasion aimed at destroying the entire project of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria based on direct democracy, women’s liberation and social ecology. What the ruling regimes in both countries have in common is their contempt for human rights and their fear of the emancipation of women and national minorities in the region. Kurds in particular are victims of their repressive policies. On behalf of the organisers, we invite all people for whom democracy, freedom and women’s liberation are important. Join the protest planning for Tuesday 29 November in front of the Turkish Embassy. From there, we will march to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand that the Polish authorities condemn both regimes and limit cooperation with them. In particular, this concerns Turkey, on whose orders Poland is criminalising and repressing the Kurdish minority with the hands of the Internal Security Agency.