Queer community in a refugee camp in kenya – first-hand account

(zobacz po polsku tutaj)

Here’s a first-hand account on what’s currently going on in kenya. You can support the local community here – https://pomagam.pl/lgbtqkenia

We write this with love as the LGBTQ community in Kalobeyei Settlement, one of the UNHCR camps located in Kenya.

Life in Kalobeyei Settlement has been so hard on us as the LGBTQ community in the camp, in terms of feeding, security, medication, and acquiring other personal needs since we had no stable source of income.

The police have been oppressing us through arrest and violence because we are LGBTQ. This has been so hard on us as the LGBTQ community because the police always ask for a lot of money for bail.

Fortunately enough, the donations we have been getting from you have kept us moving with a lot of positive impact in our lives. This is because we can now afford good meals through the donations you have made.

We also started building a protection home for the LGBTQ community in Kalobeyei with the donation you have made to us.

As the LGBTQ community in Kalobeyei, we also request money for equipment needed for education. We have a wonderful opportunity to have volunteers teach us computer usage and coding in online meetings; however, we need laptops. Some of us know how to sew and want to teach others, but a sewing machine is needed. This will enable us to learn a lot of skills and become more independent.

Kindly help us make this dream come true. We thank you all for your donation, and please continue to support us. The LGBTQ community in Kalobeyei loves you so much.